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Get a Grip! The Strokes and Motions of Drumming in 3D

Get a Grip! The Strokes and Motions of Drumming in 3D teaches technique using Body Weight Resonance, Bounce Control and Dynamic Coordination. Drumming in 3D will place your technique in the “hands of your ears”.

What you'll get:

  • 3D Movements: fingers, wrist, wrist/arm
  • 3D Fulcrums: front, middle, back
  • 3D Strokes: wrist, wrist/bounce, bounce
  • 3D Rudiments: single, double, multiple
  • 3D Bounces; double, triple, quadruple
  • 3D Techniques: hands on legs, sticks on hi-hats, sticks on drums
  • 3D Positions: German, French, American
  • 3D Methods: steady, stair step, roller coaster
  • 3D Ways: single hand, unisons, alternating
  • 3D Personalities: aural, visual, kinesthetic
  • 3D Practices: hear it, count it, sing it
  • 3D Dynamics: softs, louds, combinations
  • 3D Keys: rhythmically correct, dynamically correct, physically relaxed

In this course you will learn thirteen, 3 dimensional approaches to drumming technique. These techniques are designed to help you develop a resonant sound, increase your speed, relaxation, dynamic range, control, endurance, rhythmic accuracy and musical creativity. Understanding the natural movements of your body and listening to the sound behind your movements will dramatically increase your drumming skills.