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Drumset Artistry Mastermind Course - Hands, Feet, Rhythm and Beats

Hands, Feet, Rhythm and Beats - Become a Master of Your Drumming

What you'll get:

  • Feel more relaxed and feel comfortable asking questions and playing in front of me knowing you won’t be criticized or made to feel slow.
  • Feel more knowledgeable about Hand techniques: Grips, Strokes, Rudiments, Tone and Dynamics.
    Feel more knowledgeable about Foot techniques: Pedals, Strokes, Exercises, Tone and Dynamics.
  • Feel more knowledgeable about the 5 Rhythmic Subdivisions, Reading/Counting, Singing, Transcribing, Practicing and Playing.
  • Feel more knowledgeable about 5 Genres of Drumming: Rock, Funk, R&B, Jazz and World Beat Grooves.
  • Feel more knowledgeable about the architecture of coordination - “On” and “Off” movements between limbs.
  • Develop an Effective Practice Routine with a Practice Chart and Practice Schedule.
  • Feel more Knowledgeable about How to Practice - Practice as a Meditation -Breathing, Pacing, Dynamics and Repetition using vocalizations of counting and/or singing/“Beat” Boxing Rhythms.
  • Develop your Drumming Ear through listening and Transcribing Grooves, Fills and then Playing along with Music you have transcribed.
  • Feel much more confident and skilled at improving.
    Feel more comfortable being around other drummers and other musicians.
  • Learn how to successfully audition for a band by understanding Style and Song Structure - Creating a ”Road Map” for the songs.
  • Learn how to overcome Performance Anxiety - Eliminating the “Imposter” syndrome - understanding the “Inner Game” of drumming and the Law of Attraction and Polarity
  • Become clear and focused on what you want to accomplish, why you are doing it and Setting Goals.

With the completion of this course you will be more confident in your gifts and abilities to listen to your own voice, intuition and response to your drumming passions so that you can be at your very best on your journey to drumming greatness.

Hear Scott's experience from taking the class: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5p-0kjz0Gc&t=12s

Hear John's experience from taking the class: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-I3eGvgfr0k&t=60s

Here Mary's experience from taking the class: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ql6c1FdNnus&t=11s