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Drum Lesson with Garey

Drum lessons are tailored to your needs and areas of special interest. Garey has 38 years of teaching experience, is recognized as a world class drummer and a uniquely gifted educator.

Here are some comments from students who tried and continue to take online lessons:

 “I like playing my Drumset”

“I can only have Skype lessons because I don’t have access to a car”

“I like not having to drive and be stuck in traffic”

“I like being warmed up before my lesson”

“I feel more comfortable playing my drums and cymbals”

“It really helped having you see me play on my drumset”

You owe it to yourself to be brave and give a Skype lesson a try. I guarantee you will like it! With students all over the world, Garey's Lessons can also over the following musical styles:

  • Rock Drumming
  • Funk Drumming
  • Blues Drumming
  • Jazz Drumming
  • Brush Drumming
  • Big Band Drumming
  • Latin Drumming
  • Fusion Drumming
  • Church Drumming
  • Master Classes
  • Drum Clinics
  • Teacher Training
  • Drum Therapy

What you'll get:

  • Personalized Coaching
  • Career Counseling
  • Drum Therapy

Garey holds a Masters degree in Music Performance, is the author of three books, has studied with world class drummers and can offer you the highest quality drum instruction available.

What People Are Saying:

“"I listened to your stuff and man it sounds really good! Phenomenal playing. You are a great player and cool guy." Gregg Bissonette”

Gregg Bissonette

“"I listened to your stuff and man it sounds really good! Phenomenal playing. You are a great player and cool guy." Gregg Bissonette”

Gregg Bissonette

““Garey you sound great. You’re obviously a very experienced player and teacher. You played a nice cross-section of styles, your time was solid, nice playing and you sound great man! Keep up the good work!!”

Dave Weckl

““I’ve listened to a lot of drummers and you have something few drummers have. You hear the subtleties in music (The Jim Cutler Jazz Orchestra, Gimme Some Sugar Baby!). You sound great!””

Jeff Hamilton

““You sound great in a trio. Congrats!””

John Riley

““It’s great to experience your great talent. Your technique is terrific. You’re extraordinary. Really, really absolutely terrific…your playing is sensational.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJVKRriCsLA”

Jim Chapin

““Williams sounds like a combination of Vinnie Colaiuta and Peter Erskine through his careful attention to the orchestration of each section of the tune (Ecstasy In Numbers, The Search). His relaxed, flowing style suits the music, yet he is always pushing the other players to new heights.””

Percussive Notes

““Garey Williams displays a beautiful touch and emotion in his drumming. He performs with a strong technique and a keen sense of what to play in a studio situation to achieve the correct balance within a jazz/rock trio setting. His drums sound fat, wet, and well recorded. His cymbal work is very expressive…possesses noteworthy chops…” Also: There is not a standout track on the CD (Ecstasy In Numbers, Spellbound), They are ALL outstanding.””

Modern Drummer

“Garey Williams is the REAL DEAL! He is a “drummer’s drummer” who can play with the best of them in any style, both as ensemble player and soloist. Yet, the thing that separates Garey from many other fine players, is his incredible teaching chops honed by years of private instruction, university level teaching, and intensive clinic work with all ages. His ability to communicate, demonstrate, and inspire results in improvements for every student I’ve watched him teach. Garey achieves this with an honest, nurturing, and motivating teaching style that builds up the student’s technique and confidence. I’ve worked with Garey, both as a musician and educator, and I can truly say he is one of the finest artist/teachers in the business. I recommend him highly!”

Vijay Singh, CWU Choir

““Garey is an outstanding drummer and percussionist. He is a gifted author and educator. Garey is stretching the boundaries of technique and concept for drummers, while providing excellent practical information and training, so necessary to succeed in today’s music business.””

Ed Hartman

““A master teacher in every sense of the title, Garey is able to present infinite concepts reduced to a simple one page non-threatening exercise. There are several example of this from my dozen or so lessons that still send me into new territory as a player in minutes! For a beginner, Garey will set you up for every imaginable scenario. If one comes up that he hasn’t thought of, he will have showed you the method to work it out…pay attention! As a professional drummer trying to up my game, I developed a real appreciation for tone color and the musical possibilities for all the playing surfaces on a drum set. Garey showed me how to relax and still “go for it.” The result was pocket awareness and colorful grooves! Finally, as all good master teachers should be able to do, Garey helped me face my demons. These came up sometimes as tempo inconsistencies, or grooves with no fire, but really were really rooted in my own selfishness. In other words I was caught up in how do I sound? As in, do “they” think I am good? Instead of how do I sound, as an honest evaluation, based intelligent awareness of my posture and what my mind was focused on. Awareness learning, the kind that they are trying to eliminate in the schools, the only kind that stimulates curiosity and mastery, is what Garey imparts to students. You see it in the many gifted players he has worked with over the years.””

Scott Ketron

““Garey, I’m sure you know what a great teacher you are. But I’ve trained school teachers and also adult trainers in companies for over 30 years, and I just have to tell you what a pleasure it is to watch you working with Jeremy. Your ability to find him being successful, pull the best out of him and encourage him to do things he’s afraid he can’t do are extraordinary. I’m so happy that we found you, and it’s exciting to see how he works with you. I’m feeling that you’re exactly the right person to take Jeremy further.””

Carl Parent of Student

““You have always been a gigantic inspiration and after hearing you play in the 90’s, when asked who my drumming idols are, I usually answer something like “Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Garey Williams, Buddy Rich….etc.” Drummers usually ask “who’s Garey Williams?” I tell them who you are to me! Hope I didn’t make you feel awkward with all of the praise but if the drumming world was the martial arts world I’d be calling you Sensei, Sifu, Master, or even Grand Master! I feel lucky to have been and continue to be associated with you.””

Former Private Student

““I’ve been to P.I.T. (Percussion Institute of Technology) and studied with some great teachers but Garey’s method of explaining and teaching is so clear and easy to understand.“”

Clinic Attendant

““Garey Williams is always a pleasure to have as a clinician, extremely aware of people’s needs…will always refer to Garey as ‘The Best’.” ”

Keith Purvis-Purvis Drum

““I sincerely hope that you love and enjoy your job, because you generate real joy for others. 1. You are a very good teacher – patient, and sensitive to your students’ energy, enthusiasm, and desire. (At least mine). 2. You generate happiness with your work – for me, the funnest 2 hours of my month are during my lesson! Thank you for embodying all of the best characteristics of a teacher“”

Student of Garey's

“You have done so well and you are a leader in the drumming community! ”

Dom Famularo