5 Ways to Improve Your Drum and Cymbal Sounds Mini-Course

To improve our drum sound we need to change our perception of grip and strokes. Learning to play the Drumset with a good touch, tone and sound separates amateurs from professionals.

The Information in this Mini Course will advance your knowledge and skill on how to get your drum and cymbal sounds happening today!!

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4 Hour Lessons with Garey Williams

Drum lessons are tailored to your needs and areas of special interest. Garey has 38 years of teaching experience, is recognized as a world class drummer and a uniquely gifted educator.

Here are some comments from students who tried and continue to take online lessons:

 “I like playing my Drumset”

“I can only have Skype lessons because I don’t have access to a car”

“I like not having to drive and be stuck in traffic”

“I like being warmed up before my lesson”

“I feel more comfortable playing my drums and cymbals”

“It really helped having you see me play on my drumset”

You owe it to yourself to be brave and give a Skype lesson a try. I guarantee you will like it! With students all over the world, Garey's Lessons can also over the following musical styles:

  • Rock Drumming
  • Funk Drumming
  • Blues Drumming
  • Jazz Drumming
  • Brush Drumming
  • Big Band Drumming
  • Latin Drumming
  • Fusion Drumming
  • Church Drumming
  • Master Classes
  • Drum Clinics
  • Teacher Training
  • Drum Therapy

What you'll get:

  • Personalized Coaching
  • Career Counseling
  • Drum Therapy

Garey holds a Masters degree in Music Performance, is the author of three books, has studied with world class drummers and can offer you the highest quality drum instruction available.

What People Are Saying:

Garey you sound great. You’re obviously a very experienced player and teacher. You played a nice cross-section of styles, your time was solid, nice playing and you sound great man! Keep up the good work!!

Dave Weckl

I listened to your stuff and man it sounds really good! Phenomenal playing. You are a great player and cool guy.

Gregg Bissonette

I’ve listened to a lot of drummers and you have something few drummers have. You hear the subtleties in music (The Jim Cutler Jazz Orchestra, Gimme Some Sugar Baby!). You sound great!

Jeff Hamilton

Garey, I’m sure you know what a great teacher you are. But I’ve trained school teachers and also adult trainers in companies for over 30 years, and I just have to tell you what a pleasure it is to watch you working with Jeremy. Your ability to find him being successful, pull the best out of him and encourage him to do things he’s afraid he can’t do are extraordinary. I’m so happy that we found you, and it’s exciting to see how he works with you. I’m feeling that you’re exactly the right person to take Jeremy further.

Carl - Parent of Student